Find people

You indicated that you’d like to search for and connect with fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors on a secure Rotary network. Now you can.

You can find community members who are registered on My Rotary in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the search button
  3. Type the name of person you are trying to find and click SEARCH
  4. Select the correct person from the list

people search

It’s that simple! If the community member has unlocked his or her profile, you can also request to connect with them or send them a message. If you can’t find someone, it means they still haven’t registered so shoot them an email and ask them to join you on My Rotary!

Happy searching!



I am very happy to let you know you will now receive email notifications for activity in groups you belong to on My Rotary. We’ve received a lot of helpful feedback from users emphasizing the need for notifications, so this is a particularly exciting development.

You will receive a daily digest by email with a summary of activity in your groups, making it easier to stay informed and involved in the conversation. If there is no activity, you will not get a “New Group Posts” email. Notification details include:

  1. The group name with a link to the group
  2. The title of the most recent discussion with a link to the discussion
  3. A link to “Read more” of the post
  4. The name of the user who authored the last post with a link to the user’s profile
  5. A link to Opt Out of receiving email notifications

Have you joined a group?  Participate in a discussion and test out this new feature.  Stay tuned for more updates on increased functionality! And keep the feedback coming in the My Rotary Early Adopters group.


Happy World Rotaract Week!

One of the nice features of the new website is that it makes is easier for Rotaractors to connect to each other and Rotarians, join groups, and so much more. Are you one of the over 5,000 Rotaractors who has registered on My Rotary? Well then you should be able to see and join this group. If you get a limited access message then you still have to affiliate to your club. The easiest way to do this is to email with your name, email, address, and Rotaract Club name.

Celebrate World Rotaract Week by inviting Rotaractors in your community to create their own accounts on My Rotary.   You can even do this at your next Rotaract club meeting, if everyone brings their phones, tablets, or laptops. Here is an example of what it looks like when a Rotaractor affiliates with a club.


If you have additional questions about Rotaract, reach out to a member of the Rotaract team,

Questions? Contact us at

What’s new?

Every two weeks, our web team releases a new set of enhancements and fixes to We highlight some of the changes on this blog, but you can also find a longer list on, updated every other week.

updates post 1

The list highlights the improvements that affect your experience and issues we’ve identified as priorities in upcoming weeks.  You can check out the updated list here. You can also find a link to the updates in the “What’s New” section on the My Rotary dashboard.

updates post 2

Questions? Contact us at

Club Finder

Our web metrics tell us that Club Finder is one of the most utilized tools on, which is why we are happy to showcase the added functionality of being able to search based on current location.

Club Finder

No matter where you are, at home or on the go, you will be able to find Rotary or Rotaract Clubs near you.  What parts of the site do you use most often?

Questions? Contact

Group discussions

We recently highlighted the new look and feel of groups, and now we have more good news.  We’ve improved discussions to line up more closely with how users expected them to work.

When you start a new discussion, you add a title and the first post. Going forward, the first post displays just like all subsequent posts: to the right of the title, with the author’s name, and the date and time it was posted.

Check out these discussions about service projects.

discussion post

Celebrate this fix by joining a group and contributing to the discussion. Stay tuned for more improvements!

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