Skills and Interests

Have you noticed anything new on your My Rotary profile? If you said “Skills and Interests” you are right! You can now add, edit, and remove “Skills & Interests” on your profile.

skills and interests

If you unlock your profile other My Rotary users will be able to see your “Skills & Interests”.  This will also make it easier to find and connect to subject matter experts when your club is embarking on a new service project.   It’s easy to add multiple “Skills and Interests” by selecting from the list of 20 Areas of Expertise.  You can list your primary area of expertise and also designate if you have Personal Interest, Professional Experience, or Volunteer Experience in the selected area.

skills and interests 3

Take a few minutes to add “Skills and Interests” to your profile so you can make more effective connections.


Rotaract on Showcase

When My Rotary was launched, we wanted to give as much access to Rotaractors as possible. Since day one, Rotaractors have had the same access to discussion groups as Rotarians. We continue to work on increasing the level of access Rotaractors have to all the great tools on My Rotary. We’re happy to announce that all Rotaractors can now post their clubs’ projects to Rotary Showcase. With Rotary Showcase, you can share your project story and add your numbers to the global Impact Tracker.

Rotaractors Showcase

Now that any authenticated Rotaractor can post projects on Rotary Showcase, we hope to capture more Rotaract service impact and success stories.


Languages and Categories

The last few weeks have been crucial in making groups on My Rotary more user-friendly. One of the new features group creators will notice is the ability to add languages and categories to your group.  All new groups will be required to select at least one option, making it easier for others to filter and find groups they are interested in.

Language and Category

If you created a group before this was functionality was launched, you can add languages and categories by selecting “Update Group Information” from the manage block on your group page.

manage block

One of the nice things about the groups is that the interface is available in all of our official 8 Rotary languages (many mainstream social media sites with discussion group platforms don’t support non-English speaking audiences). And, as of this week the discussion groups notification digests are available in your preferred Rotary language. User created content is not translated but it’s nice to have the option to create groups in your official Rotary language.  We have an extensive list of languages you can use to categorize your group and with the option to select more than one, you can truly have a global discussion.  Happy posting!


The Return of the Profile Pictures

If you logged into My Rotary in the last two weeks you might have noticed your profile picture went missing. Good news: pictures are back. There was an issue with an upgrade to our content management system that caused users to lose their pictures. Thankfully, the issue has been resolved but you will need to upload and save a new picture.  It’s very easy to add a new photo: log in and visit your My Rotary profile, click the yellow “add” button, select a photo, and save.


This is a good time to remind you that in order for other Rotarians and Rotaractors to find you and connect, you must unlock your profile.  The default is set to “lock” to protect your information but you can choose what information you share with other My Rotary users.


Site Settings

There is now a link to  on your profile and in the drop-down list when you hover over your name. In Site Settings, you can change email preferences, location and language, and sign-in email and password. This addition to the drop down list makes it even easier to find and update your preferred settings.

site settings

If you have been receiving email notifications for activity in groups you belong to, you can change those settings in this section.


Find people

You indicated that you’d like to search for and connect with fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors on a secure Rotary network. Now you can.

You can find community members who are registered on My Rotary in a few simple steps:

  1. Click on the search button
  3. Type the name of person you are trying to find and click SEARCH
  4. Select the correct person from the list

people search

It’s that simple! If the community member has unlocked his or her profile, you can also request to connect with them or send them a message. If you can’t find someone, it means they still haven’t registered so shoot them an email and ask them to join you on My Rotary!

Happy searching!



I am very happy to let you know you will now receive email notifications for activity in groups you belong to on My Rotary. We’ve received a lot of helpful feedback from users emphasizing the need for notifications, so this is a particularly exciting development.

You will receive a daily digest by email with a summary of activity in your groups, making it easier to stay informed and involved in the conversation. If there is no activity, you will not get a “New Group Posts” email. Notification details include:

  1. The group name with a link to the group
  2. The title of the most recent discussion with a link to the discussion
  3. A link to “Read more” of the post
  4. The name of the user who authored the last post with a link to the user’s profile
  5. A link to Opt Out of receiving email notifications

Have you joined a group?  Participate in a discussion and test out this new feature.  Stay tuned for more updates on increased functionality! And keep the feedback coming in the My Rotary Early Adopters group.