I am very happy to let you know you will now receive email notifications for activity in groups you belong to on My Rotary. We’ve received a lot of helpful feedback from users emphasizing the need for notifications, so this is a particularly exciting development.

You will receive a daily digest by email with a summary of activity in your groups, making it easier to stay informed and involved in the conversation. If there is no activity, you will not get a “New Group Posts” email. Notification details include:

  1. The group name with a link to the group
  2. The title of the most recent discussion with a link to the discussion
  3. A link to “Read more” of the post
  4. The name of the user who authored the last post with a link to the user’s profile
  5. A link to Opt Out of receiving email notifications

Have you joined a group?  Participate in a discussion and test out this new feature.  Stay tuned for more updates on increased functionality! And keep the feedback coming in the My Rotary Early Adopters group.


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